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Bethel Springs - Overview

BETHEL SPRINGS is another one of our ambitious projects that brings people closer to their dream homes at an affordable price. ‘A place to stay safely’ is understandably the second greatest need for mankind and DPS Realtors is proud to take up the service of providing abodes in a modest way.

BETHEL SPRINGS is ideally located in an auspicious area surrounded by Educational institutes; Hospitals, Residential Colonies, and natural surrounding that provide clean air and pure drinking water. The area is accessible from Highways and railway station. The Valliyoor Town bus stand is just 4.5 Kms away.

BETHEL SPRINGS is an exclusive development area with the span of 9.17 acres. It has been developed with plot sizes ranging from 1200 sq.ft to 3320 sq.ft. Plots are accessible by 30 feet paths and 23 feet sub paths. The roads are planned and laid in a circular free way with no dead ends. There is a Jogging space for health conscious residents.  In addition to these Bethel Springs provides you with amenities like Gardens, Open parks, Open play area, Outdoor Games, Administration Office, Shopping Arena, Floral walkways and Round the clock security and guard room. Above all the whole place is fenced with barbed wire.

Beside all these wonderful arrangements, it has BETHEL SPRINGS Family Club to deal with entertainment and other such mind - engrossing activities.

The development that is going around at break neck speed, especially the SEZ, is making the area highly attractive not only to the residentially minded citizens but also for the people looking for business space. So don’t you think it is only conventional wisdom to think that it is time to get your own dream house and grow and Prosper?

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